Ise forest reserve is a small reserve of about 46km2 in Ekiti State, Southwestern Nigeria. The reserve is bordered by the Ogbesse River and the Ondo-Ekiti boundary along its western limits. The reserve can be accessed from Ise-Ekiti town which is about 6km on a straight line direction to the northern edge of the reserve and also the reserve is accessible from the south along the Akure – Benin expressway from the Uso community in Ondo State which is about 9km on a straight line direction to the southernmost limits of the reserve. The Ise forest reserve is considered an important priority area for Nigerian-Cameroon chimpanzee conservation in southwestern Nigeria, although, the reserve is threatened by excessive logging and land clearing for illegal marijuana plantations. Nonetheless, it is still very significant for the conservation of wildlife and most especially for the sustenance of ecological services in this region. Our work in this site has been focused on highlighting, advocating, planning and establishing 30sqkm of the forest reserve for chimpanzee conservation.