We are committed to Protecting & Restoring Species’ Populations and

Habitats in Africa’s Most Populous Nation.

In the words of Hansjorg Wyss “For the sake of all living things, let’s see to it that far more of our planet is protected by people, for people and for all time”.

“Our vision is to stop species extinction and protect more places in Nigeria”

“Our mission is to provide the conservation solutions that will ensure the survival of threatened species and forest habitats in Nigeria”

We believe that there’s no better time than now to Save our Species

Wildlife and their habitats are struggling to survive all over the world most especially in landscapes with high human population density. In Nigeria, we work in areas that should be declared as a “state of conservation emergency” where local widespread extinction is taking place in real-time, requiring critical urgent actions to save the day!  The challenges in the landscapes where we work are overwhelming and complicated, but we are confronting them head on. Stepping into conflicts and knotty situations to bring back species from the brink of extinction and restore forests. As conservationists, we believe that by conserving one acre at a time and one species after the other, we are transforming whole landscapes into a safe haven for biodiversity. So that there’s a generation that can step into a sustainable future without fear of natural disasters, pandemics and climate crisis – an enriching life full of possibilities.

That’s why we work to:


Acres of Forest Protected
People Educated & Trained in Conservation
Threatened Species Protected
Team Members


Conservation Intervention

Establishing protected areas and protected area management; habitat management & species-focused conservation efforts.

Research & Monitoring

Population Studies; Distributional surveys for georeferenced data; Evolutionary relationship studies using molecular genetics.

Policy Advocacy

Consultations with government authorities; local communities; Negotiating alternatives and solutions.

Community Engagement & Empowerment

Alternative livelihood programmes; Linking social benefits to conservation actions; enhancing socio-economic benefits for local communities close to forest area.

Education & Outreach

Community Outreach; Education programmes; Media and Public Awareness; Sensitization workshops for decision makers and decision takers; Networking events and Campaigns.

Training & Capacity Building

Training protection staff on monitoring and surveillance techniques; Building local capacity of youths in local communities, students in local institutions and of government institutions.


Ise Forest Conservation Area

Located in Ise-Ekiti, the Ise Forest Conservation Area covers 3,300hectares of forest gazetted as a Protected Area on the 29th of July 2021. Our integrated conservation approach has enabled stakeholders – both government and local communities – to become co-managers of this important forest area.

Niger Delta Red Colobus Conservation

With just a few hundred left in the wild, the Niger Delta Red Colobus Monkey known in Ijaw language as ‘Epieni’ is critically endangered. For a forest-dependent species and with a leaves-based diet, this red colobus’ survival is dependent on undisturbed swamp forests and is ever known to occur only in the central Niger Delta.

SW Chimpanzee Conservation

Chimpanzee populations in SW Nigeria were identified as biologically unique albeit with close genetic affinity to the Nigerian-Cameroon subspecies. However, despite the ecological and biological importance, the population(s) in southwestern Nigeria remained largely unprotected and highly vulnerable to local extirpation.


Here are some of the team members behind our outstanding results –

Team work and team spirit is a major attribute of what drives our conservation efforts. The project’s team is made up entirely of young people from local institutions and local communities, that’s why we remain the foremost grassroots-focused conservation organization in Nigeria.

    Bamidele Joseph Olajuiyigbe
    Bamidele Joseph Olajuiyigbe

    Species Monitoring Officer

    I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Forest Resources and Wildlife Management from Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. I`m interested in species research and in educating others on biodiversity-related subjects. I have been a volunteer citizen scientist with the Nigeria Bird Atlas since 2016 from which I have published two international articles: Range Extension of purple chestnut starling in Osun State. Second is, Range Extension and Breeding of Red Headed Village Weaver.

      Seun Adejuwon
      Seun Adejuwon

      Senior Programme Officer

      I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from University of Ilorin. I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at National Teachers’ Institute, Kaduna in affiliation with University of Ibadan and Masters of Science Degree (M.sc) in Cell Biology and Genetics from University of Ilorin. I chose to join SW/Niger Delta Forest Project team so as to be able to build my career in Conservation Education as an Educationist and to broaden my knowledge in Conservation Genetics,

        Uwatt Aniekan-Abasi
        Uwatt Aniekan-Abasi

        Programme Manager

        I have a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Wildlife from the University of Uyo and two Masters degree in Wildlife and Ecotourism Management and another Conservation Biology from the Universities of Ibadan and Jos respectively.  For the last ten years, I have been actively involved in the conservation of species such as Sclater’s Guenon, Red-capped Mangabey, tortoises and bats in Southern Nigeria

        Would you consider saving species with us?

        We are a grassroots-focused organization and we need all the help we can get.


        1. Our work is prioritizing conservation of species populations on the brink of extinction.

        2.   We are preserving highly threatened and fragile forest habitat overlapping areas with one of the highest human population densities in the world.

        3.   Our project is a multi-stakeholder collaboration effort involving local communities and governments at all levels. We are applying public-private conservation model and a community-based conservation approach to promote local stewardship.

        4.   We are helping local people and the Nigerian public to appreciate native species and their immediate natural environment.

        5. We are promoting local initiatives and grassroots-tailored solutions while contributing to global conservation objectives.

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        We are a team of passionate people who want to see Species – Biodiversity – Nature thrive against all odds. We consider that we have become a FORCE OF CHANGE for biodiversity conservation in Nigeria. Send us an email: info@swnigerdeltaforestproject.org.ng or you can interact with us on social media.

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